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{This post is a continuation of Olive’s special gift (part 1) for her Grandpa and the life lessons seen in their reactions to the gift.  In part 2, we explored assumptions and how they can affect us spiritually. Now, we’ll look at another life lesson.}
Unboxing a new puzzle can be overwhelming. They don’t come preassembled, giving us a preview of the full picture before we begin. Instead, we wonder how the hundreds and thousands of microscopic pieces fit together and if they’re all necessary.
A completed puzzle is stunning. Because of the hours of dedication and diligence, it is satisfying to see the end result. But have you ever seen a completed puzzle that’s missing a piece or two? While it doesn’t disfigure the overall image, those tiny gaps quickly become glaring focal points.
With billions of people living on this planet, there are times when we feel lost. Are we noticeable? Can we really offer a unique contribution that hasn’t already been done? Does our perspective matter? Do we matter?
Yes! There is always space for us. We are part of a collection, but what we bring, what we add to the world helps to complete a bigger picture. Like a puzzle piece, we are one of many, but what we have to offer the world helps to complete a bigger picture. Without us, there would be tiny gaps in the overall picture.
We have moments in life when we may question how we’re not lost from God’s sight. There are many others that do things much better than we can. We may sing, but someone else is musically angelic. We might enjoy reading the Bible, but someone else can explain prophecy forwards and backward with ease. How can our little offering, our simple gift, impact the world?
Rather than worrying about the effect of our impact, let’s focus on serving God with our best efforts. God doesn’t ask us to compare ourselves to someone else. He will take what we offer and do wonders with it. God doesn’t act without reason. He doesn’t waste anything. The fact that we are here, that He created us—in His image, at that!—means that there is a purpose to our presence.
Let’s live with intention, serving God with our full selves.

Part 4 — A Complement to His Plan

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