A Complement to His Plan

{This post is a continuation of Olive’s special gift (part 1) for her Grandpa and the life lessons seen in their reactions to the gift.  In part 2, we explored assumptions and how they can affect us spiritually. In part 3, we looked at how there is space for us in the world. Now, we’ll look at the final life lesson.}

We’ve adapted a new way to gauge success. If your gift has earned you a certain income, then we’re deemed successful. If people know our name, if our brand or platform has grown, earning us verified status online, then we’ve ‘made it’. While there is merit to knowing numbers and statistics, true success is more intricate.

When this measurement standard doesn’t apply to all gifts, we’re left feeling insignificant and useless. Olive, from the original story, thought her tiny homemade bell was nothing special next to Grandpa’s bell collection. Yet, her gift was the perfect complement to his set.

There are gifts that fit best in God-appointed time and spaces. If we weren’t gifted at different skill-levels, we would no longer need each other. Medical specialists would be unnecessary because anyone with basic health training could heal effectively. Restaurants would close as home cooks could easily prepare all types of foods, gourmet and simple, upon request. Imagine how jazz, country and rock & roll music would sound if your favorite Christian artist covered all those genres.

In Exodus 31, God tells Moses that He specifically chose Bezalel and Oholiab to assist with the upcoming building project. Filled with the Holy Spirit, these men were given great wisdom, ability, and expertise in precious metalwork, woodcarving, engraving, and mounting gemstones and much more.

Bezalel and Oholiab were not to become honorary priests. They were not to take over the leadership of this exodus nor become Moses’ understudies. Other than this temple project, we don’t hear about future accomplishments from Bezalel or Oholiab. We don’t know if they went on to publish a book or if they ended up with the HGTV-equivalent of fame for their era.

What we do know is enough. Because of their gifting, they had a very important role in the first sanctuary and in history. God filled these men with His Holy Spirit and expertise for a specific work. Something that only they were perfectly suited for.

What is your gift?

What has God blessed you to do well? Especially if it’s uncommon! In this era, the work of sharing the gospel isn’t limited to just preachers, teachers, and evangelists. It can be shared through a smile, a friendly chat, a random act of kindness. Likewise, a song, a painting, or a piece of furniture are also great mediums for a message of love and hope. The gospel can be shared through your gift.

While your gift may not be widely used or frequently needed, there is a place for what you have to offer. Don’t worry about the size or shape. Just do your best. Your gift is a complement to God’s plan.

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