The Pathfinder club, a church-centered recreational and spiritual program is designed for both boys and girls, grades 5 through 10. The program offers action, adventure, challenge and group activities that produce team spirit and loyalty to the church. visit to lear more about the Pathfinder club.

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We need to order uniforms for the Adventurers & Pathfinders.

To help keep costs down, we’re purchasing the pants for both clubs locally. We will order shirts and scarves through Advent Source.

The links listed here contain sizing information. Please measure yourself or your child for the shirt and scarf they will need. Then, using the form on this page, submit the sizes needed for shirts and scarves.

If your Adventurer child is 9 years old, please submit sizing for a Pathfinder shirt & scarf.

**If your child is between sizes, please order the next size up.


Adventurer shirt–boys
Adventurer shirt blouse–girls

Adventurer scarf

Adult Adventurer blouse–women
Adult Adventurer shirt–men


Pathfinder shirt–boys

Pathfinder blouse–girls
Pathfinder blouse–junior girls

Pathfinder scarf–adult
Pathfinder scarf–child

Adult Pathfinder blouse–women
Adult Pathfinder shirt–men

Parents please use the form to enter uniform sizes for your child.

Uniform Sizes submission Form

Use the form below to register to be a member of the Henderson Highway Pathfinders and Adventurers Club

Registration Form