Holy War Prayer Extension

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We spent the first 40 days (October 31 to December 9) Walking With the Master. During this time, we were preparing for our year-end evangelism series by praying together and for each other. Now that the week of the Holy War series has arrived, we want to continue praying throughout the week. Let’s keep connecting at 6 am CST (weekends …

Prayer Meeting

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You’re invited to prayer meeting on Mondays at 7 pm. As we talk with God, may we discover that ‘prayer is the key that opens Heaven’s storehouse’. Attend on ZOOM {ID: 656 573 2478} or dial 204 272 7920 to attend by phone.

Prayer & Praise

How can we pray for you? You may share something amazing God has done in your life or a challenge you’re facing. We can bring all our requests to God, no matter how big or small they seem to us. Our Prayer Ministry will be praying for you, with confidentiality.