An Enriched Life

Connection with God, whether staticky or solid, is good. Our Heavenly Father, who loves us dearly, enjoys having an individual relationship with each of us. Because He desires more for us, we should want more for ourselves as well. This is one reason why He has given us the Holy Spirit.
Baptism by immersion is Biblical and symbolic. A public declaration of the commitment that we’re making to God, it’s only one part of our spirituality. Baptism of the Holy Spirit is another part. How do we know this is important?
Because Jesus did it. Being the trendsetter for us, He who was blameless and sin-free was baptized by immersion. When He came up from the water, the Holy Spirit came over Him as well. The effects were noticeable. A similar experience is available for us too.
Our lives may be going well. Earnestly following Jesus’ example, we’re intentionally living with loving kindness. However, being filled with the Holy Spirit enriches our lives on a more profound level.
There is an inner work that only the Holy Spirit is able to do deep within our hearts and souls. There may be sin in our lives that, while not necessarily harmful to others in an obvious way, puts a wedge between us and God, weakening our intimate connection. There may be things that require a special divine nudge, in order for us to be convicted at the core.
As we make time for personal Bible study, we learn how the Holy Spirit was integral in the lives of believers. The power of the Holy Spirit has not weakened or disintegrated over time. He wants to help us now as much as He did back then.
How have you seen the Holy Spirit at work in your life? In sharing your experience, you will encourage others in their spiritual journey.
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by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Henderson Highway Church Communications Director

At the start of each year, the church participates in 10 Days of Prayer. This article explores the 2020 series, “Seeking God’s Spirit”. See other articles in this series here.

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