Chasing Dreams

There is a growing trend that is helping people bring their dreams to life. The concept is simple. In a journal, write down your specific goals in the present tense, as though they already exist. Then, you continue to write down the same things each day until they become reality.
One of your journal entries might say “I am the owner of a law firm specializing in human rights” instead of a generic “I will have my dream job”. By repeating our dreams, they stay alive in the forefront of our minds as we find ways to accomplish them. Users of this journaling method report great success.
Jacob was equally persistent in chasing a dream. Rather than focusing solely on his efforts, he chose to pursue God.
After twenty years, Jacob was returning home. Though he’d first left with only a staff in his possession and the hope of an inheritance, Jacob’s life had improved drastically during this time away. In addition to a large family and material wealth, Jacob’s faith had also grown richer.
During the journey home, Jacob found himself being attacked one night. Isolated from the rest of the group, there was no other help. Deadlocked with an unseen stranger, Jacob wrestled all night long. As dawn neared, the opponent managed to dislocate Jacob’s hip. Perhaps the pain helped him to keep a firm grip because Jacob refused to let go until he was blessed.
When it was all over, Jacob realized that his opponent was not a foe, but the Lord. Forever afflicted with a physical ailment and a limp to remind him of this encounter, his heart was also at peace because He knew that God was with him and was blessing him. His dream was becoming a reality.
Jacob’s story teaches us that while God wants us to dream big and to do well, He doesn’t want us to do it alone. There are blessings that God can give us only when we trust Him, especially with our dreams. Even when we mess up along the way, He is able to repair the situation and restore our dreams.
Keep clinging to the Lord. It will feel like a wrestling match at times, as we fight to stay standing. We may have painful moments that could be temporary or long-lasting. Keep hanging on. Don’t let go of God.

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Henderson Highway Church Communications Director

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