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DIY Cake

Capturing baking ingredients, a photo meme hinted at soon-coming deliciousness. Eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, baking soda, butter, sugar, and milk.

The caption explained that in honor of the local IKEA manager’s celebration, they were being sent a cake. An unassembled cake in a DIY format.

Do it yourself.

IKEA, known for its ginormous showrooms featuring home furnishings, appliances, and décor, sell their products with an adventurous twist. What customers purchase are boxes full of parts and hardware that they must build on their own at home.

The cake meme is a fun spin on one of IKEA’s popular trademarks. Though the meme’s intent is light-hearted, it also shows how we sometimes treat each other.

Determing that others deserve, as though it’s our place, we treat them accordingly. It’s easier to be kind to others when we’re first adored and respected. If we’re shown frustration and rudeness, we’re also tempted to reciprocate similar behavior. It seems fair, to an extent.

Except fairness isn’t always right.

In today’s society, it’s rare to over-extend yourself for others without personal benefit. Large scale kindness has been reduced to the point where, when it happens, it’s newsworthy, labeled as ‘acts of kindness’.

While most have a similar concept of what’s fair, I’m reminded of the One who always did what was uncommon.

While Jesus was on this Earth, He didn’t live for performance’s sake. He deliberately was kind and compassionate, loving all people, regardless of how they treated Him. He wasn’t looking to become popular with the people. Rather than do what seemed fair, Jesus graciously did what was right.

Because He loves us.

The next time we’re tempted to do what we determine as ‘fair’, by our human standards, let’s pause and think about Jesus’ standards. Let’s remember Jesus’ grace towards us and choose to be loving and kind. 

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Director, Henderson Highway Church

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