Do It Well

I received a text message from a friend who was returning home from vacation. I anticipated reading that they were home safely, and ready for a sweet nap after an early morning of travel. If only this was the case. Instead, my screen contained stunning video footage of an apartment complex with significant fire damage. The weary traveler and other building occupants were forbidden to enter the building until it was deemed safe.

In the days that followed, the cause of the fire was revealed. Someone had neglected to safely extinguish their cigarette. Rather than butting out properly, they had tossed the cigarette into potting soil.

There are repercussions when we choose slackness over diligence. Not just for ourselves, but others may be affected as well. Improper cigarette disposal caused a fire, which resulted in the entire building – 90 apartment units – being deemed uninhabitable. One small, insignificant act gone wrong changed the course of life for hundreds of people.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says “Whatever you do, do well.”(NLT)

The scripture doesn’t suggest that we should only do some things well. Or that we should do all things with a mediocre effort, at best. God’s Word to us is clear. Whatever – in anything and everything we do – we should do it well.

While on earth, Jesus lived this in His everyday life. At the wedding in Cana, He didn’t just restock their drink supply with water. What He miraculously produced was declared to be the best drink of the event. After the disciples had fished all night long without a catch, Jesus told them to try again in the morning, but on the other side of the boat. As a result, the fishermen ended up with more than a few fish. Their nets were jammed, packed to the breaking point. The men needed extra hands to haul their catch to shore. Even when an accused woman was unfairly trapped and thrown at Jesus’ feet, He handled this well. He comforted the woman while simultaneously teaching her and the surrounding crowd some much-needed lessons in His signature style of grace, love, and compassion.

Do the seemingly small, insignificant things matter? Should we take the time to do them well?

Yes. Jesus showed us that we can give our best efforts in all situations. He saw the value in doing all things well and determined to do so in His life. Jesus positively impacted the course of life for countless people because He did His work diligently.

Let us choose to do well, even when we won’t know the countless people who may be affected by our diligence. By choosing to do well, we honor Christ.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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