Don’t Forget to Remember

Unintentionally, we forget.

We’ll remember a birthday or significant event in the weeks leading up to it, then forget the day of.

How we felt (and maybe still feel) when hearing cruel insults can be replayed in our minds endlessly, yet we have to dig deep for an affirming compliment.

We forget the countless times when God made us a way out of no way. Our “Red Sea” moments, when we were surrounded on all sides by impending doom. God scooped us up and delivered us in a mighty way.

Perhaps we should make more time for remembering?

In our minds, we acknowledge that Christ is real. With ease, we recall Bible verses that remind us of His presence in our lives. But this realness doesn’t always *click* in our hearts. When our doubts shout louder than our faith, we forget that He is able.

We pray differently when we remember how amazing Christ is. Uninhibitedly, we take everything to the Lord in prayer, awaiting answers with eager anticipation. When we remember how gracious Christ is, we love ourselves and each other more. We see people through His eyes of love, desiring that they would encounter Christ through us.

We live confidently, unashamed of our faith when we remember that Christ is real. We’re not hesitant to invite people to church or to a sacred event. We initiate wholehearted service as an act of gratitude. When we remember Who Christ Is, we reclaim our faith, using our God-given gifts and talents, to share His gospel message of love and hope in a variety of ways.

Maybe we can start a new, personal tradition? Every Sabbath, take a few moments to ask “When did God become real to me?” Then, write down your answers.

We will need them as reminders in future moments of discouragement.

Don’t forget to remember. God is good and He is real.

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Director, Henderson Highway Church

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