Good For Use

God holds His children in high regard.

We see this through Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 20. In the midst of their travels, a situation arose. In a nutshell, Abraham lied to King Abimelech of Gerar. What seemed like a foolproof plan backfired. Still, God was there.

In a dream, God revealed the truth to the king, including that Abraham is a prophet and will pray for him.

The choices made in this story may be deal breakers to us. However, God uses a different standard when it comes to dealing with His children.

Lies are destructive. They demolish trust in a heartbeat. When people lie to us, we second-guess whatever they say afterward. We might also go a step further and question all that was said in the past. Lies cause us to feel unsettled.

Yet God doesn’t flinch.

Abraham was not demoted to rookie prophet status. God used Abraham to pray for healing in Gerar, which He answered.

God still used Abraham for good, even after he messed up.

God still uses you and me for good, even after we mess up.

There is nothing about us that makes God flinch. He loves us dearly and is determined to keep working with us and through us.

For His glory!

Can we try to do something similar with one another? Can we extend grace in the face of mistakes and sin? Can we learn to forgive and continue to work together for the glory of God?

Written by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Director,
Henderson Highway Church

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