Hopeful Future

The fertile land brimmed with abundance. After months in a desert, I’d imagine Joshua and Caleb were eager for a change of scenery. Green grass for their children to romp in; to keep their livestock nourished. Maybe they envisioned the homes they’d construct there. They would live in peace and safety, no longer oppressed by slavery.

As they neared the Israelite camp from their scouting mission, they were excited for what lay ahead: one final move.

Picture Joshua’s and Caleb’s heads whipping around to look at their travel companion. What was this negativity that their fellow spy-man was spewing? While the land is fine, the people there were larger and stronger than all the Israelites. This report convinced the Israelites to quit trying.

Within moments, the Israelite camp was protesting loudly. They begged God for death, a seemingly better option than trying to conquer giants. Joshua’s jaw must’ve dropped while Caleb may have gasped at the change in attitude.

Joshua appealed to the people again. God would deliver them safely to this rich land. The physical size of people is no contest for the God of Israel. There was no need to be afraid.

The tone of the community changed again. They went from wailing to plotting the stoning of Josuah and Caleb. They preferred to stay stuck, killing their last shred of hope.

Joshua and Caleb kept their eyes on their God the entire time. Because He had kept every promise thus far, they had no reason to believe that His promise-keeping streak would suddenly end.

By putting God first, Joshua and Caleb hoped for the unlimited potential for greatness in their future. God had said this land was theirs. They believed Him and what He promised.

God promised them a wonderful home and a peaceful ending to this journey. The claim wasn’t that they would live in fear of the people there as they enjoyed the bountiful blessings. Joshua and Caleb understood that God would take care of the people. Stature was a minor detail, compared to the bigger picture of God fulfilling His promise.

Whatever God has promised us, He will deliver on it. Why should His perfect promise-keeping record end with you and me? He loves us too much for us to live with this undeserved pressure. God tells us to trust Him because He already has a plan. God is so thoroughly precise that when we see it unfold, we will be praising Him.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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