Implementing Knowledge

In an academic setting, we’re expected to learn a myriad of information. We create cheat sheets to help us retain what was taught. Mnemonic devices, rhymes, and rhythms are employed as we commit new teachings to memory. The final exam is where we demonstrate what we now know.

As each day passes, we are bombarded with new information. Enhanced features here and innovative technology there. One idea sparks a brainstorm leading to new concepts.

There are improved products to help us with our careers. Fresh plans to help us reduce debt. Better ways to get healthier faster and with long-lasting results. There are even lists of people willing to do tasks that we haven’t mastered for ourselves.

It’s one thing to learn new tips and tricks. We have to implement them before experiencing change in our lives. How did the new recipe taste? Where did the new road lead to? Did you take advantage of voice commands in your home?

While Bible truths have remained steadfast and constant, a new layer of scales may have fallen from our eyes in 2018. Many of us were awakened spiritually, allowing us to see God more clearly. Through His Holy Spirit, we have a deeper understanding and appreciation for God’s love. His love is something that He wants us to implement and share freely with the whole world.

What changed when you started to pray? What happened when you prayed more honestly and sincerely? What happened when you forgave someone without expecting anything in return? What happened when you obeyed God and shared your story with someone He led you to?

What changed when we loved others the way God wants us to?

As we transition into 2019, let’s bravely take action on what we now know.

Questions for You:
What is one thing (or more) you learned in 2018?
Did it inspire you to action?

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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