It’s Awkward!

Her description of what was unfolding was simple.

It’s awkward!

Moments away from taking the plunge, she opted to share it publicly. She was about to be baptized and was sharing it on social media, even though it’s incredibly awkward to talk openly about faith.

Unashamedly a believer of God, this woman never shies away from sharing about her faith in God. She regularly —  and rightfully — credits Him for His deliverance, her countless successes, and mind-blowing blessings. It would be a disservice to her and to anyone exposed to her, to keep God’s presence hidden away in a closet. So she chooses to tiptoe the line of awkwardness and be transparent about her faith.

It is awkward.

It’s awkward to talk about what God has done even among our ‘brothers and sisters in Christ’. If it’s awkward to talk about faith with those who already share similar beliefs, how much more is this awkwardness magnified when in a mixed crowd.

It’s difficult to explain what God means to us with eloquence. The ways that God touches our souls cannot always be put into words. It’s literally one of those things that you understand better when it happens to you.

The fear of rejection is real. When talk of God comes into a conversation other than as profanity, some start to get that nervous itch and sweat. Unprepared to acknowledge their own spiritual struggles, they sometimes prefer to walk away. This can include abandoning those who might remind of God.

Spirituality is intimate and personal. God sees us as individuals. He doesn’t just love the world in a general sense, expecting us to divide His love into billions, fighting for slivers of His heart. God is very accessible to all of us. We have the freedom to choose whether or not we want to love Him in return. His love tap to always open on full blast, never running cold, never drying up.

How can we combat the awkwardness?

We can ask God for help. Ask Him to strengthen our confidence in Him. Through His Holy Spirit, God will empower us with a boldness to share about Him. We don’t have to hesitate to do what God has called us to do. His calling always comes with equipping.

Questions for you:
Have you found it awkward to talk openly about your faith?
What are some ways that you share your faith despite awkwardness?

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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