Just Have to Tell It

After recently celebrating one year of sobriety, a man had to travel for work. The location was a place notorious for an assortment of temptations, including his vice. Anxious, the man knew he needed extra help to stay sober. In addition to asking God to save him from falling, he also asked God to remove the desire.

God answered his prayer!

He was elated, deeply impressed that he had absolutely no desire for his point of weakness. His joy led him to share this testimony on his social media platform.

While social media is a fantastic outlet for sharing answered prayers, this particular message caught my attention.

This man is not a ministry leader or someone who publicly addresses his spirituality. Yet he did not hesitate to openly credit God for moving on his behalf. He did not attempt to adjust his language or his behavior; he was himself as he told his story. He just couldn’t refrain from telling the world that God is good.

God had done something amazing for him in a time of need. He was wowed enough to share the experience with the world.

When was the last time we prayed for God to resolve a situation that only He could manage? Were we as excited to thank Him as we were to plead to Him?

Did we share this experience with anyone else?

Support flooded the comment section of this man’s social media feed. Many praised God with him. Others were inspired to make their addiction struggles a matter of prayer. Some were motivated to just keep living and battling.

Because if God could do it for him, then He could do it for them.

If God did it for us, He can and He will do it for someone else too.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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