Like God Does

There has been an increase in sobering moments that remind us life is unfair. People are not treated equally and corruption is being exposed at an alarming rate in various systems that claim to be supportive of their communities.

These reminders are often accompanied by questions:

Why do I bother?
Is this a waste of time?
Who really cares?
What’s the purpose?
What’s the benefit?
If God is love, then why doesn’t He intervene?
____________ ? (Insert your own questions here)

“Moments like this help me to understand why our grandparents and ancestors had so much faith in God. They had to because they knew they couldn’t depend on people or systems who didn’t see them to make them whole.” – Eunique Jones Gibson

We look for glimpses of hope from others who have lived similar experiences. Clinging to their stories, we listen for clues on how they made it through. They had messes, big and small, which God turned into inspirational messages of encouragement. Their burdensome trials were transformed into triumphs. What once tested their faith became a testimony of how God showed up.

In these stories of faith, we see One consistency: God.

When all was stripped away, when there was nothing left but desperation, they were able to see and hear God most clearly. When they connected with God first, He restored their souls, filling them with His indescribable peace while nursing them back to wholeness. And when their situations improved, when their problems were fully resolved, they didn’t stop relying on God.

God has yet to quit doing miracles.

His power has not wavered in the slightest since the day that He called for light to be. God is still in the business of transforming lives and helping us, His precious and dearly beloved children, through life. Because there is much more coming than what we see now.

The ultimate goal is Heaven.

Until we get there, let’s keep going deeper with God. While He has placed certain people in our lives to help us, they are not meant to be His substitute. Spend time in prayer and in the Word of God to learn how He sees us.

Let’s think about ourselves and others the way that God thinks about us.

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