Little Things

In the previous issue, we looked at the importance of diligence.

There is another reason why we need to practice being diligent in everything:

The little things matter to God.

There are times we may dismiss the little things. We falsely believe that they don’t matter or they’re too insignificant to fuss with. The trouble comes when we transfer these thoughts to our view on God.

Gradually, we become more selective with the content of our prayers. Our beliefs shift as we question God’s ability to answer all of our prayers. Perhaps we’d see more answers if God wasn’t bogged down. As we pray, we omit the little things in our lives, thinking God shouldn’t be bothered. We make a decision that what we deem as small, in our humanity, is microscopic and barely detectable by God. So we stop. We stop including those things our prayers.

When we don’t pray diligently, when we quit praying for the smaller things, our chatting time with God gets significantly reduced. But it also becomes harder to pray for the bigger things.

If we keep track of answered prayers in our lives, if we pause for a few moments to think about what God has done in our lives—do our lists include smaller things?

Yes. There is a long list of small things that God has done just for us because He cares about all things that concern us.

Our faith is developed over time, as God answers our prayers. The tiniest of bonus blessings – the unexpected ways that God show up and show off, just for us – are huge boosts to our faith. Our relationship with God is strengthened when we realize that He truly does care about every little detail of our lives.

God is a mighty big God. There is absolutely no detail about us that goes unnoticed by Him. If it affects us, it affects God.

Let us be diligent in our prayers. We don’t have to choose for God. Let us include all the things in our prayer time with Him. God will show us the proper way to handle them all.

Written by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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