Love Blossoms

The scowl spoke volumes as they made no effort to hide their unhappiness. The cause of their displeasure? A move to a new town where they did not want to be.

Their dissatisfaction of their new location made the months drag by. When our mindset is negative, our sensitivities to annoying irritations increase. The townspeople; the products available for purchase; the community; the climate, nothing seemed to bring relief.

All the pleading and begging for change seemed to be ignored by God. They were at an impasse; God wanted one thing while they desired another.

They were feeling trapped, buried deep with little hope of rescue.

Slowly, they began to hear God. They started listening to what He was saying. Belief soon followed as they accepted His message for them. Then came obedience.

While their location was not their ideal choice, God had a mission for them to accomplish. God had an assignment for them in that town they so dreaded.

While they were buried deep, God’s seed took root and began to bloom. Where there was once hate, love now blossomed.

Through the power of prayer and the infilling of God’s Holy Spirit, there was a drastic change in attitude and behavior. The townspeople, the products on store shelves, the community, the climate? These soon became reasons for gratitude instead of complaint. When they did eventually relocate, they were sad to leave this now beloved hometown.

Life has various twists and challenges. There are many joyous moments that have us wishing to freeze time so we could keep this euphoria alive forever. There are the dreadful moments that have us begging God to just open up the ground and swallow us whole. Sometimes it’s our decisions that lead us on certain roads; sometimes it’s circumstances or the effects of another’s decisions that reroute us.

What is God’s assignment for you where you are? Have you asked or are you too frustrated with Him to chat?

Will we allow God to use us, right where we are, as is? God’s power overthrows health conditions, financial disasters, relationship statuses, career aspirations, and many other insecurities. The assignment may vary from rest to service and everything in between. We can trust God and His plan for us. He will carry us through it all.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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