One by One

One by one, they accepted the invitation.
Life had been more unsettled than usual, with each day bringing new surprises. Still, they were doing their best to live in the present.
One by one, they were rounding the learning curve. Once upon a time, a prayer session would mean a physical gathering to kneel and hear words spoken aloud to God. Now, the sessions looked slightly different.
Virtual is a new buzz word, a fancy way to say ‘over the internet’. For the moment, pews are temporarily replaced by couches and office chairs. For the moment, the gathering space is this unfamiliar techie thing called “Zoom”.
One by one, they came together to encourage themselves and each other. To refresh their souls, to build up their faith.
No one had the answers to life’s most mind-boggling spiritual challenges. No one had discovered any complicated equations or formulas for how to get prayers answered successfully.
One by one, they came because they believed God.
Where they lacked answers, they knew that God had them all. Where faith was challenged, they clung to the bits they knew were stronger, going deeper with God as He strengthened the weaker parts.
Because of what God had been doing in and around their lives, they know He is real. God could be trusted to keep showing up for them and for others. They knew that others would help them to pray for God to provide.
That’s why they gathered, that’s why they accepted the invitation to pray together. While they praised God for what He had already done, they believe God is not yet finished with any of them.
And so the sessions continue week after week, with opportunity for everyone to pray.
One by one.
What have you loved most about prayer meetings? You’re welcome to join the Henderson Highway Church Pastors for weekly prayer on Mondays at 7:00 pm.

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