September 28, 2022

Whispering a prayer, the search began for two of a required item. Thankfully, though the stock was small, the display was full.
One at a time, I look at each item. The right color was available, but the pattern or style would be wrong. Glimpsing what I needed, I grabbed them. In case there were no better options, they would be the backup plan.
Soon another shopper joined me at the display. She was friendly as she wondered aloud whether, like her, I was stocking up too. I casually mentioned that my purchase was a necessity for an event.
Satisfied that I’d seen everything, I started to turn away. Then the shopper offered, “Here’s one in the color you need. Does that work for you?”
It was a simple gesture. A powerful act of kindness. She had her own reasons for shopping in the store; I didn’t ask or expect help. Yet, while she was already looking for what she needed, she proactively offered to help me too.
That’s one of the countless perks of kindness: it is highly convenient. It was not a stretch or sacrifice for the shopper to offer a helpful recommendation. Her supply was unaffected by offering me one or two items.
It’s easy to overthink kindness. Yes, the grandiose gestures do – and should! – take meticulous planning to be most effective. Yet, many times, the Lord opens a window of opportunity for us to be kind right where we already are.

Spontaneously, we can be kind by using what we already have, right where are already are.

I walked away from that encounter with a brighter smile on my face and in my heart. Not because I was rescued. This moment was a reminder that a simple consideration can brighten someone else’s day. And mine too.
Lord, please open our eyes, our ears, our hearts to see the opportunities for kindness that You present to us, moment by moment.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Director, Henderson Highway Church

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