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Signs of the End – Countdown to the End: Seth Dixon

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God knows the end from the beginning. He sees the future clearer than we can see even this present moment.

God can go past 2018 into the future. He can come back and talk to us today about what’s going to happen in those years.

We have nothing to fear of the future unless we forget how God has guided us in the past.

We’re worried because we forget that God is already in the future. We forget that God has guided us in the past.

The world has become a professional academic world.

The world has turned away from God because the Bible seems too old-fashioned now because there’s too much cliché in the Bible.

It takes too much time for me to go to God and pray and wait for God to answer me. It’s easier for me to just go to a professional who can help me.

You’re going to keep going back and back and back when you could go to God and He can deliver you completely.

Put God first!

So many problems can be solved if we would just put God first.

Never forget to give God thanks for His miracles in your life.

Never forget to tell people that God is good to you.

Always be humble. Always remember where you came from. Never forget your roots.

Humility is one of the best characteristics a human could have.

When God does the impossible for His church, the people will believe that there’s a true God.

God wants to work miracles through His church. God wants to do great things so that people may see that He is real.

If you’re talking about how God is real and mighty and powerful, the question is ‘what is He doing for you?’

What have you done for Him? How is He working in your life?

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