The Benefits of Persistent Prayer

When we think of prayer, generally speaking, we’re seeking an answer from God. We pray because we want and/or need God’s help to __________________ (fill in your desired request).

There are numerous scriptures and flowery quotes to support this notion. In Luke 18, for example, we find a woman who persistently pled her case before a judge. She didn’t stop coming to him with her case until she got her answer. In Christian spaces, this story is commonly used to encourage us to persist in prayer. It may take a while, but the answer will come.

Answered prayer is a wonderful experience. Our faith is bolstered, our souls are blessed. Our hearts feel more connected because we believe God finally responded affirmatively to our plea. When God answers our prayers, we’re motivated to keep on persisting for other things. And so the cycle continues.

Are there any other benefits to prayerful persistence? Some prayer warriors quit after a time, while others continue to name the same request month after month, year after year. What motivates us to continue praying, especially when God seems immovable on our particular request?

In the coming weeks, we’ll use this space to explore the benefits of persisting in prayer. I encourage you to share what God is showing you as I share some of what He’s been showing me.

My prayer throughout this series is that we don’t just persist on the surface; that verbally reciting our requests doesn’t become a subconscious reflex. May our hearts stay fervent as we focus on God during our prayer times and what He reveals to us and through us.

May we determine to never quit praying.

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Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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