The Most Capable Witness

While walking home from the bus stop after school one frigid winter’s day, a neighbor made a radical claim. If one licked ice-cold metal, their tongue would stick. Though this was known by most of us in the group, there was an older child who thought it impossible. How would metal do that to a tongue? Why would this child, the youngest in our elementary-aged group, say something so silly? Surely this was a silly prank.
Determined to prove him wrong, the older neighbor proceeded to lick a metal fencepost. After all, the tongue was warm; metal cold. None of them had adhesive abilities. Nothing would come of this experiment, right?
Except his tongue was stuck to it. Immediately! (Only pride was injured that day. After a few moments, as hot breath warmed the area, and a few tears were shed in panic, the tongue became unstuck.).
In our spiritual lives, the Holy Spirit convicts us of truths at a pace that is personal and appropriate to us as individuals. When new lessons are discovered, it’s hard to contain our excitement. Believing that our experience, our witness is beneficial, we share.
With the hopeful intention that our words would change lives, sometimes we overshare. However, no one enjoys having their beliefs challenged. Especially if it’s something we’ve been clinging too for a long time, accurate or inaccurate.
It’s easy to forget that God has gifted us all with the power of choice. If our attempt to witness is not done carefully, we may push too far. While what’s obvious to us may be unclear to others, it’s never our role or assignment to force hearts.
This is another reason why we need the Holy Spirit. He is the most capable witness. The Holy Spirit has the endurance to go the distance with us as we sort through our beliefs. He convicts us deep down to the depths of our soul, in a way that cancels doubts and reassures us with God’s peace.

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Henderson Highway Church Communications Director

At the start of each year, the church participates in 10 Days of Prayer. This article explores the 2020 series, “Seeking God’s Spirit”. See other articles in this series here.

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