The Power of One

This week, the province of Manitoba released a graph depicting the reach of COVID-19. Within 12 days, one symptomatic person made 243 close contacts, resulting in 40 infections of the virus.
All it takes is one.
The power of one is, at times, overlooked. When one is overwhelmed to the point of near impossibility, we’re tempted to give up without making the slightest effort. After all, who would notice? And so, nothing gets done.
Good can happen, even with just one.
A single idea plus multiple attempts and redesigns created airplane travel. One idea changed communication from a neighborhood telephone to individuals having a wireless smartphone in the palm of their hands. Someone was brave enough to explore beyond planet Earth and venture into outer space. We all have the gift of eternal life because one Man was the ultimate sacrificial Lamb.
All it takes is one.
When we’re empowered by the One true God, the potential for greatness exceeds what we can imagine.
Let’s dream a bit.
Suppose each of us has a life-changing encounter with God. The kind that propels us to run and tell everyone about it.
Perhaps we encourage a friend and pray for another. We help a neighbor and do a kind deed for a stranger. Maybe we have a Bible study today and an inspiring spiritual conversation tomorrow. Thankfully, the power of God’s love is not restricted by physical distance.
Before we know it, within 12 days, we’ve each made 243 close contacts, resulting in 40 people choosing to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
Next, each of those 40 then makes close contacts with others…and the effect continues. As more and more people are exposed to the love of God, His reach goes much further than it would have had we never bothered to even try.
All it takes is one.

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Director, Henderson Highway Church

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