As one nears the end of life, they may have caregivers. People whose purpose it is to make their patient’s final moments as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. Caregivers may even go above and beyond, bending over backward to ensure that needs are met.

In contrast, Jesus lacked tender care during His final moments. Though surrounded by a mob of spectators, none of them were there to provide for His needs. Their goal was to see if this death was actually going to happen. Prior to this, Jesus had usually escaped from traps and other nail-biting situations.

Jesus knew that his mission was now finished, and to fulfill Scripture he said, “I am thirsty.” John 19:28 (NLT)

With a feeling of pity, someone offered Jesus whatever liquid was on hand. They didn’t send someone to the well for a cool drink of water. A cup and a ladder to deliver this refreshment were not considered. They felt no urge to bend over backward to tend to this innocent Man. No effort was made to provide relief. Grabbing a hyssop brand, they dipped it into sour wine and held it up to Jesus’ lips.

This scene reminds us of His humanity. Jesus wasn’t an actor who successfully auditioned for the role of “human”. Unfolding was the true story, a history that would one day inspire others.

While nailed to a cross, Jesus continued to provide for others, meeting their needs. However, as a man, He also had needs. He felt the physical and emotional pain of this assignment, crying out to His Father when necessary.

To the dismay of the audience on Mount Calvary that day, Jesus never did escape from the cross. What He modeled for us here is that His death, His selection as the unblemished, sacrificial lamb was very intentional. Every feeling, every emotion, every breath was for you and for me. For us to have an eternity with Him.

True to His unflashy nature, Jesus did indeed do something amazing at the cross.

He took our place.

During the Easter season, we’re exploring the seven last sayings of Jesus. This series is designed to help us reflect on our choices and our commitment to living as followers of Christ. 

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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