Use Things, Not People

One was a traveler, the other, a security official. Two adults chit chatting lightly while proper travel protocols were being followed. From a distance, the exchange seemed innocent.

When the screening process was complete, the traveler returned to their companion. Noticing the ease of how the conversation had occurred, the traveler’s companion wondered aloud if they knew each other.

No, the traveler began. Then further explanation followed. The traveler didn’t need to know them. They had opted to be extra friendly on purpose. If they ever needed a favor while passing that way again, then the security official could be considered a friend with insider perks and benefits.

The traveler had no interest in the security official as a person, only in his position. They were just banking the potential for future favors.

When Christ interacted with people, His mission was not about personal gain. He came to give His life. He came to love and to serve. Through Jesus, we learn how to love and care for each other. Everyone who interacted with Jesus came away affected somehow, if not changed. His concern was always for people, for their hearts. Christ does not evaluate our potential based on our position.

We have a general, common purpose while living on this earth. We are to share the gospel with people, introducing them to the Savior. Christ is right with us during every single interaction we have. Even if there are no words exchanged, our relationship status with Christ is evident in our behavior and our actions.

We have a decision to make when each day begins. How will we treat others? Will we be looking only to profit through our interactions or are we looking to give love every chance that we get?

Use things, not people.

Use things, but love people.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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