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What will it take: Carolyn Rowe

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A lot of times in this world, we got God getting credit for stuff He’s not responsible for.

Sometimes when we don’t read something for ourselves, we’re not really sure of how to combat some of these arguments that we hear or somethings that people say.

If we’re the body of Christ, then we should be working together for a common goal.

Why are we trying to make somebody else like us? Why are we trying to be something that we’re not? Why aren’t we happy where we’re at?

Our importance is in Jesus. Our importance comes from Him.

I can talk about being loving all I want, but until I start showing love, it’s nothing.

Whatever we’re doing, if we’re not causing people to wonder about Jesus, what are we doing?

God, when we give Him a chance to talk to us, He will ask us hard questions.

God has covered all of our mess. What will it take for us to believe that He has covered it all?

If God’s forgiven me and forgotten about it, I don’t know why you’re bringing it up.

Why are we as a church limping along as though something were still broken?

Believe God when He says you’re forgiven.

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