When the Answer is No (part 2)

If the queen offered to build us a house, we’d probably accept before she finished speaking. Oh yes, please! She has the means and resources. I imagine her contact list is full of skilled craftspeople eager to please and impress the queen. Why say no?

King David had a brilliant idea—to build a temple, a beautiful place for God’s Ark to dwell. He had the means and resources. This would be the offering of offerings. What better way to express his deep adoration and gratitude to God than to build Him a lavish temple. Even the prophet, Nathan, supported this idea.

However, God said no. David was not the person for the job. Thanks, but no thanks.

When God says no, it’s deliberate and intentional in the best way possible. He doesn’t say no because He chooses to wield His power and authority in a demeaning way. It’s not because His day was too hard, or because He’s feeling grumpy. A no from God is not a personal attack on us, done with maliciousness.

God says no because it doesn’t fit His plans for us and for His greater purpose.

In David’s case, God’s no came with an explanation. David had a lot of bloodshed on his hands, even though his war exploits and victories were carried out at God’s direction. While David would not be the one to build the temple, God did promise that a descendant would fulfill this desire.

Our faith is challenged when God says no without explanation. Hearing a valid reason as to why the answer is no would provide reassurance or closure sorts. Except that God is not obligated to justify Himself to us.

This is one aspect of our spiritual development. With and without full knowledge of every minute detail to every single circumstance in our lives, the choice is ours.

Will we still choose to trust God, believing that He’s doing what is best?

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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