When the Answer is ‘No’

We try our best to bring fantastic ideas to life. Possibilities are outlined. Loopholes are patched. Any flaws, even the microscopic ones are found, then corrected. We think of answers for all potential questions to support our idea. We may even share the concept freely, in hopes of gaining favorable support from others. Being rejected is not an option when it’s an idea to save time, fill a need or help a worthy cause.

When it’s time to pitch our idea, we set the atmosphere just right. We catch the listener’s attention, buttering them up along the way, if necessary. Anything to keep them relaxed, open-minded and more impressionable.

There are times we ask a ‘yes-or-no’ type of question, omitting the fact that a ‘no’ is as possible as a ‘yes’. Our asking is sometimes done as a formality, part of due process. Though we aim to do the right, the polite thing, we are stunned when our idea is rejected.

We chase hard for the answer we desire. For the yes that’s in our favor.

Yet, there are times when we are turned down.

The decision-maker may see our efforts as fake, and choose to say no as a result. We didn’t behave overly cheery in days prior. It’s not the listener’s birthday or another significant occasion, so special treatment seems suspicious. Our seeking forgiveness, clearing the slate of any and all past offenses may come as a surprise.

Though we’re anticipating a yes, sometimes the answer is no, for any number of reasons. Spite or malice. Technicalities and glaring red flags. We’ve come lacking self-confidence in our endeavors, making the decision maker’s choice simple. Or just because they have the power to say ‘no’.

Sometimes, we apply these methods in our approach to God. We treat Him like a fellow flawed brother that needs buttering up. We research praises and platitudes, hoping that the flowery wording from the King James Version of Psalms would be pleasing to His ears. We seek forgiveness of all our sins, bowing humbly before God, hoping to get a yes. As an added bonus, we may try becoming expert Sabbath-keepers and prayer warriors, fasting included. We’ll develop creative ways to follow the golden rule hoping to make a noticeable impression on God.

Yet, sometimes His answer is no. Not based on human standards, but on His infinite and all-seeking, all-knowing wisdom. Most of all, it’s based on love.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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