With Me

When our faith is challenged, we tend to challenge God.

Are you there, God?
Am I invisible to You?
Why is this happening to me?

Genesis 39:21 tells us “But the Lord was with Joseph in prison and showed him his faithful love.”

Earlier in the chapter, we see that the Lord was also with Joseph as he climbed the hierarchy of slavery to become a reliable manager in Potiphar’s household. The same God who blessed Joseph at his peak was also with him in the dark times. God’s ability to bless Joseph was not diminished because he was now in prison.

Though his release from prison looked hopeless, Joseph chose to keep believing in God. He knew God was with him in that awful place. Joseph worked hard and God blessed him. Soon he became a trusted leader—yes, in prison!

When life is going well we bask in how everything seems to be coming together in our favor. We believe with certainty that God is with us because He surprises us at a jaw-dropping rate and frequency. If people were to ask us how we are, we would reply “good” — and actually mean it.

But when life gets hard, our memories are fleeting. We’re tempted to believe that nothing good can be found in the dark valleys. That we’re trapped in a place where release seems hopeless. One thing is for certain in these times:

God is there! God is with us and shows us His faithful love.

No “prison” can weaken God and His endless love for us.

What is your “prison”? Let’s ask God to help us remember this:
God is with me, _______, (insert your name here) in _______ (name your ‘prison’) and shows me His faithful love.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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