Within Earshot


As a family settled in together for devotions, one member wished to change locations. Seated comfortably, no one else shared the desire so the devotional time would happen where they already were.

Determined to have their own way, the lone relative left the room. Though the answer was no, they presumed that the rest of the family would soon join them.

Realizing that they were out of earshot of the Bible time, the repeated cries began. “I CAN’T HEAR!”

When life seems to be going well, we feel close to God, like we’re nestled in with Him. But life doesn’t always stay comfortable and steady. Circumstances change. God may lead us in a direction beyond our personal preferences.

Can we do it my way instead, please, God? We plead hard. Head bowed, eyes closed, kneeling or lying prostrate.

And when He says ‘no’, we don’t settle in dissatisfaction. We attempt to do things our own way. Hoping that our display of leadership may encourage God to follow us, we forge our own path, ignoring that God said no.

We can’t move away from God and expect our connection to remain strong. The further we go away, the happier the enemy becomes. The sound of God’s voice is strained and unfamiliar. Miracles, acts of gracious love are scrutinized with uncertainty. We feel disturbed, unable to find peaceful comfort.

We may even find ourselves yelling, “I CAN’T HEAR!”

Thankfully, there is no place we can go that is beyond God’s reach. Though we hope to coerce God, we’re really only fooling ourselves.

Choose obedience to His plan for you. Stay where God is, regardless of how challenging and uncomfortable it gets. May we sing His praises instead of yelling for help.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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