Words of Impact

When a celebratory or tragic situation occurs, the reactions vary. Everyone has a feeling or two on the topic, whether acknowledging disappointment or joy, committing to do better, or something in between.

Large corporations may issue a public statement either with words, video, or silence to share their reaction to a current event. Going above and beyond, leaders are may step out from behind their company logos to speak. By revealing their heart, they hope to be relatable to their clientele.

In addition to the feedback of approval or disproval, also expressed are opinions like:

“I was waiting for you to say something.”
“I wondered what you had to say about (this incident).”
“Thank you, because I was waiting for your statement.”

Our words are impactful, even unintentionally.

People may look to us because of our position, personality, ability to say something intelligent, or another reason altogether. With admiration, they look to us for accountability, allyship, and/or affirmation of what they already feel.

There are also people who, uncertain of what opinion they should make, will look to us to be persuaded. Considering us trustworthy, they will follow whatever opinion we express because if it’s good for us, it’s probably good for them too.

This influence, this power of unintentional persuasion applies to more than current events. People will look to us for spiritual guidance as well.

When it comes to faith, we need to know what we believe. 

We shouldn’t wait for others to validate or influence our faith because our faith is not rooted in others.

Thanks to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we have the ability to choose how to live out our faith. The promises in scripture are for us. The hope of heaven is for us. Christ is for us all.

Don’t be afraid to trust God for yourself. Your faith experience won’t always mirror those closest to you. In fact, we should expect differences in our respective faith journeys because each one is personal.

Let God influence our words and actions so they have a loving impact, even intentionally.

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Director, Henderson Highway Church

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