From the Inside Out

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was a reality series famous for over-the-top property renovations. The most radical transformations occurred when a house was demolished and rebuilt. A new foundation had to be laid for a greatly improved structure to be erected. The production team and construction experts understood that repairs done to a crumbling structure would not fix the condition of the house overall. A complete transformation from the inside out was required.

The life of a Christ follower is similar. Gifted with the power of choice, we get to decide whether or not to follow our Creator and to what extent. 

There are some who never commit to Him. There are others who dabble, managing life as a good person. When challenges arise, then they call on God for a rescue, as needed. And there are those who offer Christ their complete surrender. Daily, they ask God to help them to trust and obey while they follow the path He has laid out before them.

Scripture tells us that we must be born again in order to see the kingdom of God. God doesn’t just want us to start a new life with Him, but to be rooted in Him. Minor adjustments and behavioral modifications aren’t enough. We need the complete overhaul that only God can do.

The life rebuild that God does is extensive. He offers forgiveness and promptly erases our forgiven sin from His records. He cleans and mends our heart, restoring it with His love. He renews our mind, allowing us to think with hope and positivity. God gives us new eyes to see people as His beloved children. He gives us a discernment to understand situations with clarity and respond in a loving way. He fills us with His Holy Spirit, strengthening us to live for Him daily.

Take the leap and trust God with your whole heart. It will truly deepen your experience with Him.

{This post is part 2 of 10. The entire series is found on the introductory page, A Deeper Experience.}

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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