A Deeper Experience

The announcement of group projects was met with either cheers or groans. Some were happy to pair with like-minded workers. They would split the partnership evenly, all working towards the goal. At the opposite end were those with mediocre work ethic. They strategically selected their team based on who would do the work and pull the team towards a high mark, though the workload was unbalanced.

From our perspective, any type of relationship needs some ‘give and take’ between parties. Nothing exhausts us faster than being the one to do all the giving while others only take.

Because this is familiar behavior with each other, it’s easy to apply this approach to God. When things are going well, when He swiftly answers our prayers with jaw-dropping speed, our connection to Him feels rock solid. We eagerly praise God after seeing His blessings in our lives.

Do we maintain this same intensity when He seems to take longer to respond? Do we praise Him and share our story with the same excitement even when we can’t feel His presence?

God wants an intentional relationship with us. He doesn’t adjust His love in proportion to the balance of ‘give and take’ we may have between us that day. God wants us because He loves us. He wants us to come to Him, to trust Him because of Who He Is and not for His abilities.

How can we reframe our thinking? 

Let’s start by engaging in A Deeper Experience, January 9-19. Why not gather with a friend, small group, or even our ministry teams, for a time of united prayer. We can pray in person, over the phone and even use technology with online meetings and video calls.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the daily theme sheets. These contain devotionals, Bible promises to claim in prayer and suggested prayer prompts. God will continue to do phenomenal things for us, His children, during these ten days.

And above all, He seeks our hearts.

(Materials in additional languages can be found on the ten days of prayer website)

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Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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