The Gift of Repentance

It seems that a new apology surfaces with each sunrise. A high-profile organization issues a statement, after being publicly roasted for an offensive faux pas. As their credibility is called into question, they quickly apologize for any damages their actions may have caused by their misstep. Some companies even go a step further by pledging to invest in training and improve policies to increase awareness and sensitivity company-wide.

Many times, they are cornered into saying sorry in attempts to salvage their tarnished image. Similar to those childhood moments when we were forced to apologize for bugging a sibling or classmate. We said sorry because we were told to, without compassion. It is possible to be sorry without repenting.

Repentance is connected to the heart. It transcends the shame and embarrassment of being caught and the potential for negative publicity. Repentance isn’t solely focused on saving our reputation but on caring for the hearts of others.

Repentance is a gift when it creates room in our hearts for love to blossom and grow.

Repentance enables us to be vulnerable and honest, both in public and in private. It’s a horrid feeling, to realize that you’re wrong or have wronged someone. Yet, we’re willing to take ownership of our wrong and accept the resulting consequences when our hearts are convicted because we are motivated by love. We’re willing to repent, not to save ourselves, but to reflect the love of God.

This is difficult work! However, repentance is another step towards a deeper experience with God. He is with us along the journey of repentance. Through prayer, scripture and the Holy Spirit, we can recognize, accept and embrace the transformations that happen in us by the power of His love.

{This post is part 6 of 10. The entire series is found on the introductory page, A Deeper Experience.}

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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