The Greatest Battle

Cartoons use art to depict an outward expression of an inner battle. As the main character wrestles with a decision, two little angels appear on their shoulders. One angel, topped with a glowing halo, is dressed in white symbolizing the right side. The other angel is dressed in red, complete with horns and a pitchfork, symbolizing the wrong side.

The good angel encourages the character to take a leap of faith and trust the process that comes with making good decisions. Simultaneously, the bad angel reminds the character of the benefits of looking out for themselves and staying comfortable by doing what feels good for them. Ultimately, the decision rests with the main character, as they cannot be forced by either persuasive voice.

In the life of a Christ follower, we are in a continuous battle against our self. Each day, we struggle with mixed messages declaring that if we don’t look out for ourselves first and foremost, then no one else will. It’s implied that for all the acts of kindness we give, for the innumerable times we turn the other cheek, we’re entitled to put ourselves first.

So why do we feel conflicted?

While there is no 11th commandment suggesting we be a doormat for all types of behaviors, God does ask us to surrender our self fully to His will. He desires an intimacy, a closeness with us that defies our human logic. Anything that we cling too that keeps a wedge between us and God can become a problem. It’s hard to create closeness in a relationship when there are barriers between parties.

As we aim for a deeper experience with God, ask Him to identify when our self is an issue. Customized by a loving God, this is a gradual work designed to move at a pace that’s right for us. Do not compare your spiritual journey with another’s, because each path is unique.

There will be times when we err. We will have moments of regret and second-guessing for both right and wrong decisions. God isn’t watching from the sidelines as we navigate through life on our own. He’s right alongside us, holding our hand and even carrying us when we’re too weak to take the next step.

{This post is part 3 of 10. The entire series is found on the introductory page, A Deeper Experience.}

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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