The Value of Surrender


It’s one challenge that has helped Christianity to earn a shady reputation. This process has been underestimated and even abused by some spiritual leaders and authority figures. An attribute we rarely attach to surrender is value.

Surrender tends to be dismissed as a sign of weakness. There may be a hostile situation involved while various arm-twisting tactics are applied until one surrenders to the other. People are hesitant to surrender because they may be ostracized and mocked for their lack of sustainability and stamina.

God’s ideal of surrender is the opposite of what we know. Surrendering to God is a sign of strength and spiritual growth, not weakness.

When we surrender to God, we are choosing to believe Him and believe in Him. We’re believing that He has forgiven us and permanently forgotten our sin. We’re walking with confidence because we accept the truth that He has redeemed us and created us anew. These are a few of the gems that make surrendering to God valuable and worthwhile.

Surrender is challenging because it often requires us to accept the truth—God’s Truth—in faith. There are no press releases, or social media announcements when we surrender. The changes occur within us first before they are outwardly noticeable.

It’s hard to find words to describe the feelings as God fills our hearts with His inexplicable peace. This deeper experience adds value to the effort of surrendering.

{This post is part 4 of 10. The entire series is found on the introductory page, A Deeper Experience.}

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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